Hayes Wholesale nurseries were established by Barry Hayes in 1984 and have grown into the largest producer of Pelargonium, Geranium and fuchsias in New Zealand which are imported as cuttings from Elsner PAC from Dresden in Germany who are world leaders in geranium, and Pelargonium breeding. we supply garden centres and national chains throughout New Zealand


Over the years as the supply-demand increased so did our need to expand the nursery seeing 4 new large modern glasshouses and a propagation house being built since 2005, all our new houses have roller bench systems and are run on an automatic system for ventilation, shade, heat and watering having all these new systems built into our glasshouses has given us more control on producing a high quality product on a larger scale. We are proud to say that we have developed one of the most modern up to date nurseries in New Zealand, our plants are grown in containers and come in a range of sizes all plants are provided with a full color label you will find further information on the container sizes available for different varieties of plants on our product page or feel free to contact us with any inquiries


We also  have a dedicated team of great employees who are passionate about growing plants and ensure we are growing and provide quality product and service for all of our customers